Enrolment at St. Joseph's

St. Joseph's, Park Avenue is a Catholic School centred around Gospel values. It would be expected that families considering enrolment at St. Joseph's would be prepared to work in conjunction with the school to foster the development of these values within their children.

The development of every child to their optimum potential is of paramount importance and as such, enrolment applications are considered based upon the school's ability to meet the needs of every student. The school has a policy of inclusivity and children with identified needs are accepted into the school after it has been established that the school is able to cater for their needs.



Please feel free to contact the office on 49948205 should you have any further questions.


Term dates for 2020 are as follows:
Term 1 – 28/01/2020 – 03/04/2020
Term 2 – 20/04/2020 – 26/06/2020
Term 3 – 13/07/2020 – 18/09/2020
Term 4 – 06/10/2020 – 04/12/2020

Pupil Free Dates:
Bishop’s Inservice Day
Professional Development Day