When you come through the gates of St Joseph’s Park Avenue, the hospitality of our staff will make you feel instantly welcome. Our staff are committed to the vision and mission of the school. Every learner is valued and given the opportunity to strive to their full potential. Our teachers inspire creativity, problem solving and openly share the spirit of Jesus with the community.

Our teachers have a love of learning that is personal and shared.


“I love the beautiful learning spaces that we have to work in, the tech resources we have for our students, the staff and the students.” – Erin Tranberg

“The support and guidance I have received from every staff member has made my first two years as a teacher better than I could have ever imagined.” – Leah Ward

“On our year level team we have trust, honesty and respect.” – Michelle Hannah

“Knowing the skills I impart on the children will positively impact their life and the feeling I get when I see students grow to enjoy learning.” – Kirsty McLeod

“I love the continued support and a sense of community within the whole school.” – Kerrie Tennyson

“I witness the practice of Christian values every day!” – Gisele Vaz De Miranda

“Teaching and learning at Joey’s is never at a standstill, it is always evolving, making our classrooms interesting and exciting and our students are our number one priority.” – Ann McCutcheon

“I love working at Joey’s because we look beyond just teaching the curriculum and provide students with meaningful and engaging opportunities that build on their social and emotional competence.” – Paula Roati

“I love teaching in a modern, collaborative environment that encourages and supports the learning, safety and wellbeing of all its members.” – Brooke Black