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Newsletter – Term 3 Week 9, 2023

September 6, 2023


Dear Parents & Guardians

This week is a big week with parent/teacher interviews scheduled before and after school each day.  Please ensure, if for whatever reason you are unable to make your scheduled interview time, you contact your classroom teachers so that they are not waiting around needlessly.

For those who are able to make their interview times, this is a great opportunity to work in partnership with your classroom teachers before Semester 2 reports are issued in Term 4.

This week is also National Child Protection Week with a number of activities scheduled around the theme of, ‘Where we start matters.’

This is from the NAPCAN website:

Where we start our lives in terms of where we live, the resources available to us, and the opportunities presented to us make a significant difference to our life outcomes.

Where we start as a service sector in offering children and their families support and assistance makes a significant difference to life outcomes.

Where we start as decision makers in addressing large complex policy problems such as child abuse and neglect, also has a significant personal, social and economic outcomes.

We invite you to use this theme to explore and talk about the many ways that ‘where we start matters’ for children, young people and their families.

Of course where we start isn’t where we finish.

Next week we will culminate in R U OK? Day on Thursday and a community BBQ in Week 10 next week.

R U OK? Please make sure you take the time to check with your friends and family to ask them if they are OK.

A big Happy Birthday to the St Joseph’s Park Avenue Catholic Kindy community that celebrated their 10th birthday last Wednesday in which I was lucky enough to attend and share my favourite childhood book with the current students.  As you can see, we organised a photo of all of the current Joey’s students who attended the Kindy in the past several years with well over 100 students in the picture.  With only two Catholic Kindergartens in Rockhampton, we are certainly lucky to have this great facility in our community.

Well done to the Year 6 class and their teachers for hosting their final whole school disco last Thursday evening.  With Term 4 fast approaching, our fundraising efforts will begin to shift to the Year 5 class as they begin to prepare for life as the school leaders in 2024.

Have a great week.

Don’t Forget….

  • Week 9 – Parent/Teacher Interviews. 4th – 8th September
  • National Child Protection Week. 4th – 8th September
  • Catholic Education Student Protection Gathering. 7th – 8th September
  • Board Meeting. Tuesday, 12th September
  • P&F Meeting. Wednesday 13th September
  • R U OK? Day. Thursday, 14th September
  • End of Term 3. Friday, 15th
  • Public Holiday. Monday, 2nd
  • Term 4 Commences. Tuesday, 3rd

Kindest Regards
Bernard Fitzgerald
Principal – St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Park Avenue


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