Sport Houses

St Joseph’s has three sporting houses. The houses compete annually in Cross Country, Athletics and Swimming carnivals.

Daly House

Daly House is named after prominent Park Avenue Parish Priest, Father Con Daly. The Daly House symbol is a shamrock and the house colour is green, both of which are in recognition of Father Daly’s Irish heritage.

Leahy House

Leahy House is named after Father John Leahy. Father Leahy was very involved in both the school as well as the Park Avenue area.  Father Leahy was also a prominent figure in establishing the Catholic College we now know as Emmaus. Leahy House symbol is flames and the House colour is red.

MacKillop House

MacKillop House is named after Australia’s first Saint, Mary of the Cross. Mary MacKillop is an important part of our school’s charism as she founded the order of the Josephite Sisters who established St Joseph’s Park Avenue in 1929. The MacKillop House symbol is the Southern Cross to acknowledge Mary MacKillop’s heritage and the House colour is yellow.