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Newsletter – Term 4 Week 9, 2022

November 30, 2022


Dear Parents & Guardians

Well done to our Semester 2 Academic Award winners who were recognised for their efforts last Monday morning. It was fantastic to see so many awards being handed out. Our 9 students who received Gold Certificates were also awarded QBD book vouchers to enjoy some reading over the holiday break.

A reminder that Semester 2 reports were posted to Parent Lounge today, Wednesday 30th November.

It was fantastic to see so many of our Joeys community gather together for last week’s Presentation Night. Many thanks to everyone who came along to support our students and help make it such a memorable evening. Congratulations to the worthy recipients of this year’s awards as well as all of the students who performed on the night. Many thanks to the staff who also put in much hard work and preparation for what proved to be a wonderful event.

Presentation Night Award Winners for 2022:

Encouragement Award – Halle Mclaughlin
Junior Performing Arts – Abigail Farr
Senior Performing Arts – Pippa Kaufman
Sports Girls – Lani Duncan
Sports Boy – Preston Livermore
Sportspersonship – Taylor Dives
Luke Monaghan Award – Bronson Wall
Kelvin Hill Award – Matari Tanner
Principal’s Recognition Award – Cooper Lee & Matilda Ballinger
Dux – Lani Duncan
Leadership Award – Brittney O’Leary
Spirit of St. Joseph’s Award – Lani Duncan

Congratulations also to Monique Jarrett who received the Diocesan P&F Community Spirit Award and Michelle Smith who received the St Joseph’s Community Award.

In 2023, we have set some new School Improvement Priorities as a way to continually improve the opportunities we provide for our students to access the curriculum in a faith filled environment.

The 3 priorities for 2022 are:

  • Increased Learning Gain and Achievement
  • Learning Dispositions
  • Prayer Life

Drawing our school year to a close will be our End of Year Mass this Friday, 2nd December. We will be celebrating with a whole school Mass commencing at 9:00am. The Mass not only provides us the opportunity of farewelling our Year 6 students for the final time. The mass will also incorporate the induction of our student leaders for the 2023 school year.

We must also be aware that we share Friday’s mass with the Parish, so I request that we leave the parking spaces directly outside the office vacant for the use of our parishioners.

Please remember that during all of our celebrations, we must not use the parking in the mall car park during the day as retailers in the mall have previously complained that there is no parking for their patrons.

Officially school concludes at 3:00pm on Friday, though some parents have enquired about students going home early. Students are able to go home with their own parents or guardians following Mass at approximately 10:30am. Students wanting to leave with another child’s parent must have written permission to do so from their parents.

Please remember that OSHC will not be in operation on the final day of school.

As you will all be aware of Joey’s educational philosophy and how our open learning spaces support the diverse learning styles of our students, every child in the school will be a part of a Year Level cohort and will all have two teachers and an Educational Support Officer within their double sized learning spaces.

The Joey’s teaching staff for 2023 will be as follows:

Prep – Kirsty McLeod, TBD, Beth O’Brien and Kristie Sloan
Year 1 – Sophie Noake, Ashley Borich and Kylie Schoneveld
Year 2 – Louise Chapman, Shereen Svendsen and Jacinta Beak
Year 3 – Rebecca Gabriel, Kerrie Tennyson/Aimee Watson and Lyn Lavender
Year 4 – Daena Walton, Lori Guest and Rachael Duncan
Year 5 –, Catherine Farr, Lauren McDonald and Kelson Tennyson
Year 6 – Ann McCutcheon, Tina Thorsen and Kaitlyn Brosnan
Inclusive Curriculum – Lesley Donohoe
Inclusive Curriculum – Kira Tickner
Inclusive Curriculum – Leonie Mooney
Inclusive Curriculum classroom support – Alana Jones
Inclusive Curriculum classroom support – Kelsey Milburn
Inclusive Curriculum classroom support & Arts Specialist – Paula Roati
Pastoral Support and Wellbeing Officer – Brooke Black
PE Specialist – Rebekah Hall
MiniLit – Kylie Farr and Madelein Paap
Indigenous Support – Jess Ivers and Ashley Gray
Special Project Numeracy Extension – Alice Wayman
Special Project Writing Extension – Tarina Hancock
Special Project Support – Rebecca Whiting & Jacinta Thackeray

Congratulations to the Year 6 students, staff and parents on tonight’s Graduation Mass and dinner. Enjoy yourself and savour the end of your Primary years at Joey’s. Have a wonderful Fun Day on Thursday and for all of the rest of our community, have a great last few days of the 2022 school year.

Don’t Forget….

  • Semester 2 Reports posted to Parent Lounge. Wed 30th Nov @ 12:00pm
  • Year 6 Graduation Mass & Dinner. Wed 30th Nov
  • Year 6 Fun Day. Thurs 1st Dec
  • End of Year Mass & Leadership Changeover. Fri 2nd Dec @ 9:00am in OLHC
  • Term 4 Concludes. Fri 2nd Dec
  • 2023 School Office Reopens. Mon 9th Jan (depending on roofing)
  • 2023 Resource Drop-Off. Thurs 19th Jan 1:30pm – 3:00pm
  • 2023 School Year Recommences. Mon 23rd Jan 8:35am sharp.

Kindest Regards
Bernard Fitzgerald
Principal – St. Joseph’s Catholic School Park Avenue


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